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Enedeals is a reputable company online which has various businesses, from enedeals.com, Enedeals travels, Webber Enedeals (Online Advertisering), enedeals store (ecommerce) and now the multi-level marketing (Enedeals MLM) network.

Enedeals have been existing since 2017 doing business online. We are designed wipeout poverty and to create hope through our programs with an improve quality of living. Putting everything into consideration, we decided to make the program pocket friendly and easy to join.

We welcome participants from all walks of life-civil servants, traders, artisans, pensioners, farmers, students and other low income earners-whose fortunes have now taken an upward swing. Enedeals is an initiative of ASCIMINDZ INT’L registered with the Corporate Affairs Commisssion of Nigeria

Our vision is beyond the multilevel marketing aspect of Enedeals MLM operation, the organization is a private and corporate institution that is very true to its mission and vision. It encourages economic development in every country where it operates by distributing not only food items produced in that country, but also offers skill acquisition for different sector and niche giving you the opportunity to choose according to your passion. Other benefit includes free medical services to registered and active member.

What makes us unique is that we are not just an MLM company but one with various businesses and still counting. To become a registered partner with Enedeals MLM you have to register. Do you have a dream to own a house, car and huge bank account, then Partner with Enedeals MLM today.

Our Mission

To help people leave a lifestyle beyond their income by simply becoming active Partners with Enedeals mlm.

Our Vision

To provide food for all Africans and skilled them with resources including the education and finances to live a lifestyle of their dreams.