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Our Facebook business page setup services help reflect your brand innovation and unwavering presence for smooth connectivity and interaction with clients.

Facebook is unarguably the most viral marketing platform where business reach both target audience and potential customers. Millions of Facebook active users have found it useful to share, connect and interact with friends, colleague, family and loved ones. More so, Facebook has tools that encourage product and service promotions and brand development among which are Facebook page, Facebook group. These are free services offered to Facebook account holder especially at setup stage.

But we discovered that individuals and business brands seeking online presence to connect their product with potential customers do get the setup wrong and that explains part of the genesis of low interaction with post updates and conversion rate.

If you need a Facebook business page or want to create a formidable online presence that does not just exist, but communicate brand existence, engage targeted audience and interact with prospective customer long before the buying experience then, request our Facebook page services.

What We Want to Do

We shall create a Facebook business page that incorporates your brand and structures for higher engagement and interaction. Synchronize your website seamlessly with the Facebook page so that fans and customers can access your website. Integrate iframe applications that showcase your products and services for easy access. Create tabs for contact us page, tweets, etc. Create a ‘Like Us’ box that showcase your fans and then incorporate it into your website. Increase the number of fans by exciting target audience across Facebook and through paid advert.

Our Delivery Package

Facebook account setup if needed Facebook business page or Facebook fan page setup Installation of profile and cover images Integration of website link Inclusion of Facebook page ‘like’ box widget on website.

Please, note that we don’t provide design services for either cover page or branded profile pictures. You are to send us an image of 850 by 315 pixel for cover image and 110 by 90 pixel for profile image, all in JPEG. However, we can help you create an image if you do not have one.

Why we are different

We don’t just build Facebook business Page, but analyze clients’ base brands, integrating every component that align with target audience perception base on online behavioral psychology thereby prompting them to take the desired and expected action. Because the sole reason for Facebook page is to increase loyal customer base. Our believe is that any advertisement or promotion that does not lead to sales is cop-out.

Upon delivery, we train our client on how to get the best result from Facebook while unveiling the secrets of Facebook marketing success.

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