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The main reason for setting up a website or blog is to attract more customers or clients to your business.

What is then the value of a website that cannot be accessed by prospective customers?

That is why building a website for your business is just a step towards creating online presence that would guarantee lead and conversion. Just as setting up a user-friendly website has its techniques, so also is the strategies for driving paid and free traffic to websites.

Basically, search engine is the main link medium between websites & customers, and still remain the major source of free traffic.

Why? People have found it useful for research and they present the best information to their clients, base on the keyword they search for.

According to Google’s ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth), search engine now represent the formidable medium people use to access brands, products and services in the event of buying circle.

In view of this, website links must find a way of showing up at the top page on major search engines for their product keywords.

How Do We Achieve This?

There are so many techniques that could be employed to ensure your website do not only show up on major search engines, but rank #1 within your niche or major keywords.

The SEO and SEM structures must be well articulated with website journey plans. The issues of backlink, quick index, PR, page optimization, etc are factors for deeper consideration in getting targeted traffic.

The inclusion of email marketing and social media for viral marketing is another aspect that needs consistent planning.

There are free resources that can aid the development of this drive, but the paid versions always have better value and consistency. In all, you need common sense to really manage these techniques after understanding the way they work.

This is what we call traffic insight. We have articles that will help you to get free traffic to your site. However, there are free digital products that have helped us over time and are still much relevant for this purpose.

Free Resources That Makes The Difference

Download these free resources and ensure you read them over and over again until you understand every bit.

Recommended Products

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