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Free WordPress Blog Setup That Include Premium Design

Yes! You don’t have to design or build your website yourself, we shall help you build it to attract, engage and convert your targeted audience to loyal customer. We shall transform your WordPress blog into full fledged business website that is capable of putting your brand in vantage position for traffic conversion. We’ll also help you move your blog on free WordPress or Blogger platform to self-hosted WordPress free of charge.

Guess The Simple Thing You Just Need To Do

All that is required is to host your proposed WordPress website on the recommended web hosting company through the banner or link provided below. We are recommending the best hosting company (Hostgator) that provides unlimited bandwidth and space provision, 99.9% uptime guarantee, effective traffic growth management, business emails, etc. Besides, you’ll get 60% discount guaranteed for any one year hosting package on Hostgator when you use our coupon code (LEAP2016) at checkout.

When you signup for any one year hosting package, Hostgator will set-off the bill of creating the site on your behalf and you won’t have to pay for setup fee. They pay us when we refer client to them. This is just ‘OK’ for us to help you put your business online.

The Benefits

You don’t have to worry about getting nice templates and professionals to design your website.

We shall take up the responsibility of installation, design and premium features that should have cost you more.

You also have the opportunity of using your website as lead generating tool through the integrated dynamic CMS to create magnetic content that draws in audience.

Because, clients and prospective customers have found search engines (where websites especially WordPress blog rank better) as a means of getting information about products & services, interacting with brands long before making purchase.

A website setup on WordPress (I mean has the capacity to influence growth in online community because of it’s SEO features.

Developers are also working hard to make it the best blogging platform it is today.

Why you Need WordPress Powered Self Hosted Website

There are so many blogging platforms ranging from free to paid platforms. Blogger and for instance offer great features and packages, but limited in scope to withstand the demand of business or professional website.

Though the two WordPress blogging platforms are free, but the WordPress.ORG requires a domain name and a web host. These two features give you total control and make you the site owner with no limitations associated with other free websites.

You can read the ‘frequently asked questions’ at the bottom of this page for proper understanding and evaluation. A website intended for business or ‘money making’ must consider self hosting indeed.

I strongly feel the money spent on hosting is much less compared to the benefits it offer at the long run.

Why We Want To Help

1. Mistakes are inevitable: In my experience in blog and website design, I discovered that beginners do make grievous mistakes in the early journey of creating with WordPress by themselves. And these mistakes are hidden.

2. Books and Tutorials: Even the books we read and video tutorials we watch do not seem to point out these mistakes probably on the ground that we should be able to figure them out or use our discretion.

3. What You Don’t Know: What you don’t know, you don’t know. There is no two ways about it. I’ve also made some mistakes in the past and I feel strongly you should not toll that same path.

4. Rectifying Mistakes: Rectifying mistakes can be time consuming and disturbing. A single mistake on WordPress blog can take beginner hours to get solution maybe on forum or through search engine or help pages.

5. One Click Installation: The one click WordPress installation offered by most hosting companies is not a solution. We discovered that people still run back to them for technical help especially DNS issues and domain transfer problems.

6. Its Just the First Step: One click installation is just the first step in the creation of WordPress blog or website. What about themes and the right plugin installations, search engine optimization, proper ping management, etc.


Why go through all the stress of website configuration when you can lean on us to take the burden off you and build you a professionally designed website that converts at no cost.

What You ‘ll Get On Your Website

Social Sharing

Ping Optimizer

TinyMCE Advance

WordPress SEO by Yoast


Premium template

Best Plugins

W3 Total Cache


Contact form 7

Facebook Page

Twitter Account

Google Webmaster Tool

Search Box


Follow The Step By Step Process Below To Request Our WordPress Website Setup Services.WordPress Setup Process

Contact us to help you with web hosting payment should you don’t know how to go about it.

Our Recommended Web Hosting Partners

We partner with the best hosting company on the web with undeniable track record. They are ready to offset your website setup bill when you signup for any one year hosting package.

The hosting company is principally Hostgator. Link any package of your choice and signup by clicking on any of the banners below.

Then, use the ‘Request Form‘ below to request for free setup.

Please, include all the necessary information that would facilitate speedy setup or simply copy and paste the content of the email sent to you after signup with your choice of host company on the space provided on the request form below.

Then, we are duty bound to setup your WordPress blog and business website with premium template that is search engine optimized and user friendly content navigation path.


Your Name*

Your Email*

Website URL

Telephone Number*

Host Name*

Copy & Paste First E-mail From Host

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the host company immediately after the
completion of sign up and payment

Title Of Website*

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Other Information

Upload Image or Logo

Type These text/number into the Box below
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Delivery Time
We shall commence the design of your WordPress website as soon as we receive the information on the request form and we’ll deliver your website within 2-3 days. We also stay with you until you are satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you doing this free of charge?

A: We discovered that most business owner want to get there business online, but not sure of the impact it can have on their business.

So, they do not want to spend much and still get quality business website or blog. We offer this service to help them downs the doubt and the cost associated with hiring a web developer.

Q: Is the website design really free?

A: No, we get paid by the web host company we refer you to for your WordPress hosting and that amount is just good enough for us to help you with installation and design.

Q: Can you design my website if I already have a hosting account?

A: If the hosting account is not referred by us, we cannot design your website through this service. It’s strictly for new web hosting accounts referred by us. Nevertheless, we can design your website if you contact us with your request.

Q: Why do I need to pay for hosting account when I have a site running on Blogger or

A: Both Blogger (own by Google) and offer free website services, i.e., they host your website on your behalf. They call it third party server.

With this arrangement, you don’t have control of what goes on at the back-end within the hosting area. Your site is therefore at their mercy perpetually.

It doesn’t still make any difference even if you customize a blogger website from BlogSpot to a registered domain name. The worst is that you can get your website deleted without prior notice.

It has happened to a popular website called Millionaire Mommy Next Door. This blog is owned by Jen. Read this in her very own words;

“The unthinkable happened. My entire Google account was disabled. This means my blog, my email account, my calendar, the whole shebang, are all gone. I have followed all of the available instructions, filled out all of the forms and all I get back from Google is this automated message:

“Thank you for your report. The account in question is disabled, and we can’t provide you with access to it.”

I have no idea why. I haven’t violated any of the terms of agreements, so I’m guessing that someone hacked into my account. I was aware there was a tiny, remote risk of losing my blog because I used a BlogSpot domain, so thankfully I do have backups of everything I’ve written.

But unfortunately, I had no idea that in the process I could also lose everything else Google-related too.

I didn’t have backups of my emails, contact list, documents or calendar. I trusted Google, therefore I kept critical and important information in Google’s online applications.

Apparently my previous BlogSpot site will stay up for a few more days. The bad news is that I can’t sign in to post anything new.

This means that I can’t even tell my BlogSpot readers what has happened and where they can find me next.”

This can happen to any website (especially popular ones) running on third party server. You can avoid this by simply hosting your website.

Q: How much does web hosting cost?

A: You can host your website for as low as N7,500 to N10,000 OR $48 to $60 per year. You also enjoy great discount and lots of premium features on Hostgator on any one year hosting package referred by us.

Why You Should Put Your Business Online

buying circle# There is a significant increase in internet usage among target audience.

# The rate at which Nigerians use Smartphones have increased tremendously.

# People in Nigeria now prefer to do business online because of the sensitization of cashless economy.

# Prospective customer use search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing as link to website where they educate and familiarize with product and services long before taking the buying decision.

# Families and loved ones have the capacity to influence buyer’s decision and their perspective of brands.

# They use social media platforms to connect, interact, share ideas and contents among themselves.

You therefore need to take your business to where your target market congregates.

Your Success Is The Force That Propel Our Passion!