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Twitter Setup Services and Management

Any small business that has not incorporated twitter as one of the tools for customer service and marketing purposes is missing out on great resources. Twitter has evolved as a social media platform where business can engage in brand awareness, event notification, product launch, promotions, customer service and client base support forum.

The availability of special engagement tools and commands couple with the integration of mobile setting and application made twitter the first choice in viral marketing and brand development process. It’s content deliverability is fast, direct and simple.

Your business brand need not be in any other place than twitter. However, to get noticed on this platform, you have to stand out and be equipped with resources that are necessary for success. You may not know how to go about this even though it’s free to setup and run a twitter account. That is why we are here to kick-start the twitter engine your business or brand needs to engage audience and get the desire follower-ship.

What We Would Do

Our twitter setup services include the following packages:

# Setup your twitter business account.

# Create announcement for your account to bring initial followers.

# Send you twitter eBook tutorial via email.

# Build custom background in consonance with your brand.

# Setup content feeds for regular post update.

# Link your website/blog post to your twitter account.

Note: Should you don’t have the time to post updates or tweet content, we can help you ghost write twitter updates with the primary aim of engaging followers, increase brand awareness and keeping the account active.

Watch the slideshare below to acquaint yourself with creative design inspiration for twitter background designs. Also, you can try your hands on simple designs with the image links below and ‘Request A Quote’ for our twitter services.

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